Produces fresh and quality drinking water from the humidity in the air.

The water production process is based on innovative, patent-protected technology, which extracts drinking water from the moisture in the air around the GENNY. The daily production capacity is up to 30 liters per day, depending on the temperature and humidity levels in its proximity. No need to connect the device to water pipes; all that’s needed is an electric power socket. GENNY can produce cold water, as well as hot drinking water.

GENNY Advantages

Create your own trusted source of drinking water

Unique and innovative technology

Fresh and safe drinking water

Plug & Drink

Complies with international water purification standards

Environmentally friendly

User friendly support app


Running out of water

Why We Are Running Out Of Drinking Water

Come be part of the next revolution

Know your GENNY


All GENNY needs to start creating drinking water from air is an electrical power supply. There is no need for plumbing infrastructure at all.

Place the device in an airy location with windows, preferably not in a sealed room with no air circulation, to create your own drinking water source.